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TWIN Corbel — support for TT slabs and secondary beams

TWIN Corbel is a bearing support for TT slabs, secondary beams, trough or ribbed slabs with topping concrete and without need for additional propping. Three models with pre-defined design tables create an efficient, easy and fast design phase.

TWIN Corbel simplifies the connection with a primary supporting structure that enables savings in construction height. All loads are transferred by TWIN Corbel during installation stage while in final stage, when the topping has hardened, loads are transferred by a combination of TWIN Corbel and structural concrete. Only necessary amount of supplementary reinforcement is used according to loads.

With pre-assembled TWIN Corbel, it’s easy to fit into the slab web that enables fast installation and simple erection. Wide support area means less point load and proper distribution. Connection with TWIN Corbel doesn’t require any beam flanges, notched beam’s end or half joints. Three different models cover loading up to 145 kN / corbel.

TWIN Corbel


Detailed technical information

Comprehensive product information and detailed information on product characteristics, resistances and required operating conditions are available on product’s Technical Manual.

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