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Special Anchor Plates

Special Anchor Plates are made according to project specific needs, and always tailor-made from design to manufacturing.

Project specific needs, such as  resistances and assembly of the plate, create the basis for the design work. Production of the plates is done according to specifications and drawings with highest standards to meet the project’s requirements.

Combined with versatile machining options, Peikko’s expertise in design and full range of plates, anchors and other components, guarantee there is no project without a plate solution. Contact us for an offer for tailor made plates.

Special Anchor Plates


Specific to order

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Use the available Peikko Designer® modules to design and select the optimal products to various kinds of structures and connections. You will always benefit from the latest features as the modules update automatically or are provided as online tools.

Peikko Designer® is free for registered users, and the online modules can be used even without registering.

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