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ADJUSTA Rebar Starter — For ease of installation

ADJUSTA Rebar Starter is a fast, simple and safe rebar-ferrule connection system, especially suitable for climbing formwork building technique. The system provides continuity of reinforcement steel across concrete casting joints.

The ADJUSTA Rebar Starter system consists of Ferrule Anchors, a unique multiple use Rebate Former board, ThreadSURE Bars, and reusable connector plugs.

The ADJUSTA system is designed for easy installation and improved assembly speed. The Ferrule Anchors are simple to assemble to the Rebate Former board using connector plugs. The complete assembly of former board and ferrules can be attached to formwork or installed to reinforcement of concrete structure. It is not necessary to penetrate or further modify the formwork. Once the concrete has hardened, the Rebate Former board and connector plugs are removed. ThreadSURE Bars are screwed into Ferrule Anchors and should overlap with the main reinforcement of the joining concrete structure such as slab.

The Rebate Former board and connector plugs are made of recycled material and can be reused several times thanks to durable materials.

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