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Kassák Terrace, Residental Park, Hungary

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  • Residential Buildings
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Kassák Terrace is a residential building with high energy efficiency. EBEA® as a thermal break element was chosen as balcony connector product due to its contribution to the overall energy efficiency of the residential buildings and improving the building quality by preventing thermal bridges. Another important point was the high level of technical support from Peikko engineers, which was crucial for the construction progress.

In the third phase of the Kassák project, 246 apartments were built. Kassák Terrace Project consists of 4 buildings and a total of 214 balconies. The buildings on the site are designed to be free-standing, each with a 5 m forecourt. More than 2,500 EBEA® Balcony Connectors were used for the 61 different types of balconies.Additionally, 5,800 units of PSB® Punching Reinforcement were installed.

Kassák Terrace has a monolithic reinforced concrete pier frame with monolithic reinforced concrete floors and reinforced concrete walls. A reinforcing stairwell core also provides horizontal bracing. The walls of the stairwells and elevator shafts are made of 25 cm thick monolithic reinforced concrete, while the floor slabs, the basement walls, and the pillars are made of 25, 35, 25-30, and 40 cm thick reinforced concrete structures, respectively. For the walls dividing the apartments, lime sand masonry blocks that are 25 cm thick were used to ensure soundproofing.

The 246 apartments are designed to accommodate various needs, ranging from cozy 1-room units to spacious 6-room residences, each featuring unique sizes and floor plans. Additionally, on the fifth and sixth floors, grassy roof gardens are incorporated as part of select apartments, adding a touch of greenery and relaxation to the living spaces

Because of the different apartment sizes and floor plans the used EBEA® balcony connections required a high level of technical support from Peikko engineers. Peikko engineers worked closely with the civil engineer and architect. The plans and calculations were exchanged using 3D models and revised by Peikko engineers in Hungary. Special solutions have been designed for critical connections. After checking the calculation and approval by the structural design team, the EBEA® types were released for local production in Hungary. During construction progress, there were phases of on-site hurdles that were quickly resolved by the Hungarian Peikko team. And the Hungarian production was also able to respond to the client's quick-change requests.

Ultimately, more than 60 different types of EBEA® were used as balcony connections and a total of more than 2500 pieces of EBEA® for the Kassák terrace project. Since balconies are part of facade and act like fire protection barriers, it was an advantage that EBEA® consists of non-combustible insulation, i.e. stone wool, and has a fire resistance class of REI120. The 61 EBEA® types that were used for various balconies also included seismic modules that were used in combination with EBEA® 100 types to transmit horizontal forces. Among many other EBEA® types also EBEA® 200 types were used at places where reinforced concrete beams had to be connected to balconies or EBEA® 600 types for supported balconies.

In summary, this Kassák terrace project is a nice reference, where all of EBEA® strengths such as the contribution to energy efficiency, the increase in building quality and the technical service provided by Peikko engineers were used.

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Project facts

Construction Company:
Swietelsky AG
Structural Designer:
Future Plans Hungary Kft.
Aspectus Architect Zrt
Delivery year:
2023 - 2024
Completion year:

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