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Updates to the Prodlib library: WILJA® available, updated SLADEX® and ARBOX®

The latest updates to the ProdLib library have brought the following changes: the WILJA® Lifting Insert has replaced the PNLF Sandwich Wall Insert, the ARBOX® portfolio has been extended, and the SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connector can now be configured with the PSB® Punching Reinforcement or shear stirrups.

With the latest Peikko library for ProdLib, we have added the SLADEX® tube for supported balcony slabs where PSB® is not applicable. For this application, the SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connectors are modeled in combination with shear stirrups, for which the user can specify the height and edge distances. In Revit, the height offset is now provided for the so-called regular combinations of SLADEX® and PSB®, where the tube of the SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connector is placed in the middle of the balcony slab, but the PSB® may require some height offset.

The ARBOX® portfolio has been expanded in ProdLib as well, and now includes ARBOX®, ARBOX® Plus, and ARBOX® Strong.

In addition to these updates, this version has now added the WILJA® Lifting Insert, which replaces the PNLF Sandwich Wall Insert. The shape and dimensions of the insert will be determined by the thickness of the chosen insulation. In addition, the diagonal pull angle selection will ensure that additional diagonal reinforcement is added to the wall as needed.

In Revit, the WILJA® Lifting Inserts can be inserted either one by one, or in pairs, with a user-defined distance between the inserts. Keep in mind that the designer should verify the minimum spacing requirements between the inserts, the geometry of the wall, and the surface reinforcement required, in accordance with the WILJA® Technical Manual. WILJA® Lifting Inserts can also be modeled 'close to the opening' or 'over the opening', which will result in bent WILJA® configurations with additional diagonal reinforcement.