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Showcasing tall building construction innovation: Peikko webinar introduces ways that to make your building more efficient and easier to operate

This year, Peikko Southern Africa has been ensuring local built environment professionals can bring innovation and efficiency to their upcoming projects by introducing a range of cutting-edge products via informative webinars. During the last online webinar which took place on 18 November, Peikko Southern Africa MD Daniel Petrov and Customer Engineering Manager, Anna Stirane, took attendees through the company’s tall buildings solutions.

“Let’s start with the definition of a tall building. A tall building is a multi-storey structure, equipped with elevators to enable occupants to move along structure” began Stirane. “I will definitely assure you that there is no absolute definition of what a tall building is, in terms of height or length limits”.

With over 50 years of experience in building design of all heights, Peikko can help local firms make their next tall building more efficient to build and operate. Stirane showcased this potential by presenting various projects that Peikko has worked on over the years, including the Monde Condominiums in Toronto, Canada. With this 30-storey residential project, Peikko’s double-headed shear rail system contributed to the building’s geometry and a smoother construction process. Depending on the market requirements (compliance with local design standards and material standards) the South African market will find PSB Punching Reinforcement and ARMATA Punching Reinforcement in Peikko’s portfolio. The purpose of such shear rail systems is to prevent punching shear failure in flat slabs. The same solution works for foundations, beams and even walls.

Another innovative Peikko product for tall buildings is the DELTABEAM® slim floor solution, which reduces floor-to-floor height with slim structures. This can be achieved using a combination of DELTABEAM® Composite Beams and hollow-core slabs. The grout fill is used to tie the beams and slabs together and create composite action on-site. This is a fitting solution compared to the more expensive option of using hollow-core slabs with wide flange steel beams, which results in a significantly taller (and less efficiently constructed) building.

Stirane mentioned other projects that Peikko has worked on globally, such as a lighthouse in Aarhus, Denmark and Öbb Corporate Headquarters In Vienna, Austria. As Stirane concluded her presentation, she added: “Regardless of the structure of the project, there is definitely a solutions from the Peikko portfolio. Our constructions methods can give you a safer and more efficient process”.

Within the South Africa market, Peikko has started with two different projects class-3 buildings which are five and 15 storeys. These recent projects are located in Morningside, Johannesburg, where DELTABEAM®, Bolted Connections, and Bolted Frames are currently being used for the design and build. “We are very excited to be working with the developers and professional teams, as this a first for our market in the country,” stated Petrov. “We look forward to seeing these solutions being used in the development and urbanisation of South Africa. Next time we present this webinar, we hope to present local examples. Perhaps we can use your next project as our local showcase, too.”

For interested parties, Petrov has invited you to join the Peikko Webinar on Wednesday 24th of February 2021 at 10:00a.m. For any further information please contact us on email [email protected].

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