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Showcasing construction innovation: Peikko webinar introduces concrete flooring solutions to South African built environment professionals

This year, Peikko Southern Africa has been ensuring local built environment professionals can bring innovation and efficiency to their upcoming projects by introducing a range of cutting-edge products via informative webinars. In the latest instalment on 29 October, Peikko Southern Africa MD Daniel Petrov and Peikko Product Manager, Olga Laine, took attendees through the company’s concrete flooring solutions.

“Concrete floors offer many advantages,” began Petrov. “They are flexible in the sense that you can arrange them to suit your application, and to suit your budget. They also boast superior longevity with easy maintenance, which is sure to save you costs down the time, too. In addition, they are moisture and stain resistant when sealed properly, and can be heated if required.”

Introducing a cutting-edge technical and practical solution, Petrov introduced the TERAJOINT® – a prefabricated leave-in-place joint system designed to build formed free-movement joints, consisting of heavy-duty arris armoring, permanent formwork and a load transfer system. It is suitable for all large-area construction methods for ground-bearing and pile-supported concrete floors.

TERAJOINT® transfers vertical loads between adjacent slabs and minimises the vertical displacement of the slabs. The load transfer system is accomplished by utilising high-strength steel discrete plate dowels, moving within rigid plastic release sleeves. The cold drawn steel rails provide extremely durable protection to the slab arises, making it ideal for floors in a heavy-duty traffic environment.

“This solution is perfect for use in industrial and logistics applications,” said Petrov. “Peikko has seen the TERAJOINT used in prominent projects including an Amazon warehouse in Italy, a pulp plant in Uruguay, and a Volkswagen factory in Spain. South African built environment professionals should consider adopting this technology in their projects going forward, to reap the rewards of this flexible and efficient product.”

The system ensures reliable load transfer in formed free-movement joints with openings up to 20 mm wide, and it is suitable for slab depths from 100 mm to 300 mm. TERAJOINT® Strong can be supplied with different types of plate dowel systems. TERAJOINT® Strong is available in plain steel, hot-dip galvanized finish or stainless steel, which means that the system offers a solution for all operational environments.

TERAJOINT® Strong TJS 6mm, TJS 8mm and TJS 12mm are designed to meet heavy duty requirements and can be used even in the highest floor class FM1, where very high standards of flatness and levelness are required. TERAJOINT® Strong with rectangular TDR6 and TDR 8mm dowels are for higher loads and bigger openings, up to 30mm.


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