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Peikko's Composite Frame chosen for three significant office projects in Finland

Peikko Group’s Finnish subsidiary Peikko Finland Oy has received orders for the Peikko Composite Frame for three separate, significant projects in the capital area of Finland. The orders comprise 5.5 kilometers of DELTABEAM Composite Beams and 620 tons of Composite Columns and other steel structures. The deliveries will start in November 2014 and end in September 2015. The DELTABEAMs are manufactured in Peikko’s production unit in Finland and the other frame components in Peikko’s Lithuanian production unit. 

The projects are:

  • YIT’s 8-storey office project, total area 3,355 m2. Peikko’s delivery: Composite Frame (DELTABEAMs, Composite Columns, and other steel structures)
  • Peab’s 10-storey office project named Ultimes Business Garden, total area 10,000 m2. Peikko’s delivery: Composite Frame (DELTABEAMs, Composite Columns, and other steel structures) including the design of the steel frame
  • YIT’s 4-storey project named Lauttasaari Shopping Mall, total area 6,000 m2. Peikko’s delivery: Composite Frame (DELTABEAMs, Composite Columns, and other steel structures) and the installation of the frame including precast element installations and casting

The Peikko Composite Frame is a flexible and tailor-made solution best suited for multi-story buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, car parks, shopping centers, and residential buildings. It enables slender and light structural solutions that provide savings in volume and costs. 

”These three composite frame orders proof that our flexible and tailor-made solution responds to the needs of our customers. The frame solution can consist of only the delivery of the frame components, or when needed also design and installation are available. In the Ultimes Business Garden project Peikko was responsible for the design of the steel frame. The Lauttasaari Shopping Mall represents the widest delivery solution including the frame components including assembly. In this project Peikko also installs the precast elements including casting work”, states Esa Rusila, Managing Director of Peikko Finland Oy. 


Further information:
Esa Rusila, Managing Director, Peikko Finland Oy, Mobile +358 500 844 063, Email: [email protected] 

Topi Paananen, CEO, Peikko Group Corporation, Mobile +358 50 384 3001,
Email: [email protected] 

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