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Peikko is the first company to introduce seismic-proof precast bolted column connections

Peikko originally developed and introduced the bolted column connection to the markets back in 1980’s. The connection and its design tools have been further developed extensively during the last 30 years. As the pinnacle of development, Peikko has introduced a tested and reliable bolted column connection for seismic zones that complies to current design code requirements. 

The main objective in seismic design is to ensure that the building can withstand an earthquake without collapsing. Most design approaches solve this by keeping a certain reserve of strength in the structures. Therefore, column connections are often overdesigned and oversized, which is not convenient. Peikko’s HPKM®/HPM®-EQ connection, on the contrary, can be designed to match the capacity of the column by taking advantage of anchor bolt deformation capacity under seismic loading. This leads to more slender columns and remarkable savings in concrete – a 10 centimeter reduction in column side width leads to 28 percent savings in concrete volume. 

Peikko had Politecnico di Milano in Italy assess and study the cyclic performance of precast and cast-in-situ specimens in an extensive test program. Based on this research, Peikko’s solution proved to behave in a satisfactory ductile and energy dissipative manner for seismic applications. 

“Our new energy-dissipating column connection enables taking full advantage of the benefits of precast construction in seismic zones without having too heavy structures and oversized connections. In practice, this enables creating safe open spaces and architecturally appealing structures using precast technology,” states Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation. 


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