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Bringing its innovative construction solutions to the South African market, Finnish-based PEIKKO is enabling faster construction time and improved construction efficiency for projects in busy metropolitan areas. Working in cities necessitates fast, safe and reliable construction practices with minimal disruption to surrounding areas. Putting its products to the test, the company successfully completed the new addition to Colombine Square shopping centre in Mondeor, south of Johannesburg. The extension was completed on schedule and without disrupting business-as-usual for the centre’s tenants. 

The shopping centre, which was first built around ten years ago, needed to expand to cater for its growing popularity. It acquired additional land to develop a bigger car park space as well as a provide more floor area for its main anchor tenants. The property developers exclusively invited PEIKKO to work on this project, which took only three months to complete from September to November 2017.

PEIKKO was chosen to work on this project due to its innovative bolted connection solutions. A revolutionary solution for column connections, PEIKKO column shoes/bolted joints provide fast and safe connections between precast concrete columns and foundations, and between precast concrete columns. Widely approved for various types of precast columns, this building technology enables speed of delivery and unrivalled convenience.

Minimal temporary support is needed on site when using bolted connections. The self-supported freestanding columns save time and space on construction sites. Additionally, the columns can be precast offsite and assembled onsite. This adds to the ease and speed of delivery, making PEIKKO an obvious choice for projects with tight delivery times.

An extremely challenging element on construction projects, especially on extension projects where there are pre-existing structures, is interfacing. It is an intricate job made simple thanks to PEIKKO’s products, which can be easily integrated with other components irrespective of whether they are precast offsite, delivered and assembled on site, or cast in situ on site. Interfacing between structural elements becomes faster and smarter.

Additionally, the use of bolted connections and precast columns has sustainability benefits. PEIKKO products work to make buildings last longer, reducing the future construction industry footprint. The company also aims to make disassembly of buildings easier so that when buildings do reach their end of life, it is easier to deconstruct them and re-use many of the structural elements.

“We look forward to growing our footprint in South Africa,” says PEIKKO Southern Africa MD Daniel Petrov. “The local construction industry is waking up to the benefits of our products. We have many exciting projects on the horizon which are sure to prove to sceptics that modern construction methods really are as efficient as we say they are.”

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Daniel Petrov, Managing Director, Peikko South Africa

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